Monday, February 22, 2010

Marni's big adventure continues - Sunday

Marni is still waking up super early but a little bit later and later each day, we are making progress.

I got up and found her on the deck sorting the shells that she has found on her beach walks - she had them nicely lined up by species ...

Then Marni and I went off to the Theater of the Sea. Great place not far from where we live that has parrot, dolphin, and sea lion shows and fantastic mangroves and other lush flora (Marni knew lots of the flowers and plants from the species in the Biology Link :)).

This is a funny boat that is a 'bottom-less' boat, people sit around the sides and you toot up a lagoon and one of the dolphins joins along and does a couple of tricks in the middle of the boat as we are moving along through the water.

We finished the day by taking the kids and going for dinner at the Islamorada Fish Company where she clearly was enjoying her 'Pirate's Painkiller" drink :).

Took some pushing form me but Marni put her hand up to get a kiss from a sea lion!


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AWESOME!!! I am glad she is there and enjoying it! Love seeing all the pictures!