Saturday, February 20, 2010

Marni Turnbull - historic visit

An historic event is unfolding here in Florida - Marni Turnbull is visiting from UNB - she is someone that has just NEVER taken a break and never taken a vacation.

I will try and document this event as best as I can, but I also have to spend my time making sure she does not spend much time without a drink in her hand and is doing something unrelated to work... it is a rough job but I am up for the challenge!

It is TOUGH! She will not leave our dishes alone, we are true believers in air drying and leaving them in the rack, sit down Marni.... seriously.

She had been waking up super early (that internal alarm clock needs to be shut off) but we made significant progress today when she took her watch off after realizing that it DID NOT MATTER what time it is....

Her first big adventure was accompanying me to the hospital with Daniel who needed some glue to put his chin back together (Daniel is fine and giggled and laughed through the alcohol cleaning and the should-have-stung glue process) - and so I had to up my game today and we spent lots of time walking up and down the beach collecting shells and then made her a margarita.

I am happy to report to all of those Marni supporters out there that I have in fact witnessed what can only be described as "relaxing" by Marni - and the boys are loving playing with her :)

Here is Marni with her first time playing the Wii - finally getting the hang of bowling. (she didn't know I was taking a video...)

She is very happy and there is a fairly good chance that she will make sure she misses the flight home - but we are fine with that.


Replaced Southerner said...

YAY, Marni! And Michelle--good work on Operation Relaxation. I wish I could be there to join the fun, sorry my plans were changed.

Mel L. said...

I am so happy for Marni! She looks like she is enjoying herself. I look forward to more updates. Hey, Marni, I bet your arms were sore after bowling if you are like me when I play that. :)-