Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Munkittrick visit - January

Kelly and Patty Munkittrick, from Quispamsis NB, were our next wonderful guests in January.

Patty helped me keep the boys busy each day (nice for me!) and they loved every minute of the extra attention.

We took a trip down to Key West - I had never been yet so it was good to finally see what was down there. The boys were pretty good - though by the afternoon they started going downhill so Kelly started offering them for sale to folks walking by on the street - the highest bid was $5. Interesting town - and we all stood at the most southern point of the continental US (though we could see more land past us which seemed odd ?).

Trip with Patty, myself, and the boys to Crane Point where they saw lots of local flora and fauna and got to dress up like pirates in one of the park's features.

Kelly and Steve went fishing a few times - I don't have the pics yet (on Kelly's camera) but I will post some when I get them (big catches were sailfish, bull dolphin (mahi mahi), king mackerel, and more that I can't remember).

Artsy shot - Kelly walking on the beach to search for shells at sunrise.

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Replaced Southerner said...

I miss the Munkittricks & the Peakes. I am sooooo looking forward to my visit in April.